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Friday, February 25, 2011

Lucks in the Gutter!!

I can't believe how lucky I am! 
I am laying in bed at The Motor Lodge Hotel in fantastic Prescott, AZ.

I am laying in this bed for FREE because of a contest that TML posted on their FB page....

Contest details:  In appreciation of our new rain gutters (melting snow no longer causes us angst) we are giving away a free room (good for tomorrow night only) to the closest guess (without going over) of how many linear feet of gutters now grace TML. One guess per person and contest ends at 10pm tonight. Can't make it?...play anyway and give the room away to a friend if you win!

I painstakingly calculated to win this contest because I love this place (even before staying here).  It's been recently remodeled and ever since I have SO wanted to stay here.  Anyway, I contacted a family member to help me out (my phone a friend).  We each sat on our computers looking at pictures of the hotel.  (Did I mention that this person is a licensed contractor, hee hee)  So after about an hour of figuring I submitted my answer of 648ft.  However a few posts later they stated that the gutters were only installed to the front of the hotel which meant I needed to cut my amount in half.  The strange thing is 324 did not feel right, I was completely feeling 316 and was 100% correct with that answer!! 

So my children and I spent a wonderful evening next to the fire on the porch visiting with eachother and one of the owners, Joe.  I learned that the hotel was originally builts as summer cottages back in 1910.
How awesome is that!?! 
They were bought as kits and I think he said from Sears, will verify tomorrw.  Now I have kids on the floor and my bean (aka youngest daughter) snoring next to me.  The only thing missing is my oldest.
What a great night making great memories. 
Thank you TML!!

PS. And can I say that Joe and his partner got the most important thing right, the bed is super COZY!!

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  1. that is incredibly cool! Check out that carpet! Very retro (which I love!)